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In life, as in music,
the pauses make all the difference!


For enjoying life you need sometimes a break... Longer or shorter, the relaxation /the pause brings quality in your life, strengthen the bounds between you and your friends; pauses refresh and renew: they make you going forward!

"La Teleferic" is not just a Pension, you can consider it an Après-ski; or it can be the ideal place when you visit Sinaia: in an intimate and relaxing context.

"La Teleferic" isn't just a Restaurant: it's a place for Gourmands; if you taste some of our delicacies, you'll remain with a kind of... addiction.

"La Teleferic" means Atmosphere, beyond everything: you are listening to goood music, you are eating delightful foods, a lot of flowers embraces you - it is a Romantic Place...



Everything started when two people met sharing the same passion, the passion for COOKING!

In just a short period of time we have turned 360 degrees up-side-down our life, replacing the hustle and bustle, sometimes luxury of city-living (capital city!) with a Relaxed life-style in a mountain town, in order to pursue our dream. Here luxury get a new meaning for us: is now synonymous with Nature, Mountain, Green – but especially with Good-Food!

Our kitchen is a luscious combination of tastes and aromas that will delight any food lover's senses!
It is a vast menu, created by us and a dynamic one: trying to adopt (to take-home) and to adapt all the delights we loved from various cultures, during our travelings.

We are Gourmands, so if you share our passion we invite you to come to our family run bistro to stimulate and astonish your senses!

Gréta, Csilla și Codruț